Please download the link below for your timesheets

 Download Timesheets!

Please download

Cam scanner’ app on your phone and send your timesheet in as a PDF.


  • Your time sheet needs be emailed  to from Saturday evening each week.

  •  Timesheets must be submitted before 12 noon on Tuesdays for the previous week’s assignment. 

  •  It should be completely filled in with your sales and include a Department or Account Manager’s signature.

  • Ensure your timesheet has been received in good time and in a legible format. Call us to check. Remember, faxes aren’t always reliable and it’s easy to forget to attach a scanned document to emails.

  • A “delivered receipt” can be wrong!

  • You can cross reference the unique number with your pay slip to check your weekly wages

  • Do not photocopy your timesheet – always use a new one with a unique identifier number



 We know your pay is important to you! 


We strive to offer a matchless payroll service, to ensure you are paid the correct amount, on time.


If you spot any mistakes, please contact us immediately. This will allow us to rectify any errors quickly and painlessly.


If your tax looks wrong we will work with you to make sure you are on the best tax code possible. Sending in a P45 for the current tax year helps, or a signed P46.


Our Tax Office details are:


Employers reference no:475/LA85628

Tel No: 0300 200 3300





 Please click on the linkfor further information 

Visit th nest website:

What our Temps say

"I like working for BCB because it is a flexible job to have when you are auditioning; the staff and BCB managers are friendly and understanding!" - Charlotte Oakley, Selfridges London

"It was an amazing opportunity to promote such a prestigious brand, renowned for it's luxury with BCB" - Majd - Dior, Acqua di Parma London

"BCB are sensitive towards individual preferences and requirements. They care that their staff are happy in their work environment." - Joelle Hutchings, Selfridges London