Founded in 1968, Beauty Consultants Bureau works with some of the most prestigious beauty and fashion brands in the UK. We’ve spent more than 40 years building up our reputation as the leading temp business agency for the beauty, fashion and luxury goods retail sector. Driven by a passion for what we do, at BCB we provide an exceptional service managed with heart, whether you are our client or our consultant because...

Your vision is our mission

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So, you’ve found our page, it’s probably for one of these reasons...

  • ... looking for temporary, flexible work that pays weekly, working for dynamic world-renowned brands in vibrant and exciting retail environments.
  • ... inspired and passionate about beauty and fashion.
  • ... looking for an employer that is honest, open and managed by a friendly, dedicated team who can make the most of your skills.

If this sounds like you, BCB would like to hear from you!


You are a Candidate…

  • ... looking for an agency staff provider able to understand your specific needs, collaborate efficiently and deliver high-calibre candidates.
  • ... who needs your agency to handle everything from broad nationwide staffing down to bespoke specialists for independent boutiques (and everything in between).
  • ... who requires temp agency staff that are fully trained, service oriented and dedicated to captivating your target audience in order to maximise your retail investment.
  • ... who demands a skilled, enthusiastic, passionate and well-rounded team to realise your staffing goals.
If this describes you, let us show you how we can provide the personnel you’re looking for.

You are a Client…

Our Clients

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